Last Supper(s)

I have an uncanny knack for making big life changes on January first of a year. 

In 1993 I quit eating meat mostly for the experience of being a vegetarian.  I went cold-turkey and stuck with it for five years.  I reverted back to meat-eating as I made the decision to enroll in a culinary arts program.  A year or two before that my body had started “rejecting” fresh fruits and vegetables and I had deteriorated into a vegetarian fast food junkie.  Thus proving just becuase you are a vegetarian does not mean that you are healthy.

In 2005 I quit my job to go out on my own.  I started a catering company and as the phone sat silent I got anxious took an opportunity to open a restaurant in a small resort town in Northern Utah.  Construction on the kitchen was completed months after I had been told it would be and shortly after 01 January 2006 I pulled out of the deal.  Not in time, however, to keep me from having to file bankruptcy.

By January 2007 I left another job and went back to school with the intention of getting out of the kitchen.

So it is no surprise to me or I’m sure anyone around me that January 2009 I will be making another change.  Though I’m not going to be returning to my vegetarian ways I am going to attempt to lessen the amount of meat that I eat everyday and increase the vegetables that I consume (assuming my body will be accepting of this). 

But before I do that I am going to make several wonderful meals and 01 January 2009 the new healthier me will kick in.  Pray for me.


~ by Mel's Boy on Saturday, 20 December 2008.

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