Holiday Menus

So I’ve been a real humbug this holiday season. Well, okay, I am a big humbug EVERY holiday season but maybe more so this year than any recently. So I’m trying very hard these last few days of the season to stay positive and festive.

So I began to construct our Christmas dinner menu as well as another holiday menu for a night when we are talking about having guests over.

So first for our Christmas dinner menu. The wife asked for steak or prime rib. So I decided to pull a recipe out from my summer in Vermont and will do a Maple Horseradish crusted Prime Rib I’ll serve that with Cheddar Bacon Mashed Potatoes and a vegetable to be named later. I’m considering Green Beans of some sort but nothing is final there yet. I’m still debating on dessert. I usually try and do something different with pumpkin so that there is a hint of tradition in my menu. A Carmel Pecan Pumpkin Torte is sounding rather tasty. It’s just a matter of how to pull it off? Pumpkin Mousse, Pumpkin Curd? I just don’t know. Gelatin will definitely have to come into play I think.

Of course, with four children ages six and one age two, gracing our table there will need be some child adjustments. So I think I will make them Hamburgers to go with their Cheddar Bacon Mashed Potatoes. In fact If I can get hold of some, maybe I’ll make them Mini-Cheeseburgers. They’ll love it!

Other trimming will include homebaked rolls, I’m sure my wife will whip out some jell-o concoction (we are in Utah afterall) and I am waging war on stuffing this year.

I have, every year, since 2000 made stuffing in whatever professional kitchen I have been in at the time flawlessly only to come home and ruin it in my home kitchen. The years I haven’t ruined it someone else has made it. This year I’m going all out. Fresh bread set out to dry fresh vegetables, fresh stock, maybe even fresh herbs. This Christmas the stuffing is going to rock my face off!

Second menu. This is going to be for some new friends we’ve made and will be served family style. The problem with this menu is that I thought this gathering would be happening latter in the month (ala new year’s eve) but found out last night that it would be happening tonight and would also consist of my brother-in-law and his family. So we are talking six adults and seven children (actually nine children but two are still breastfeeding) on short notice. I wanted the menu to consist of a trio of gnocchi (Sweet potato, Yukon Gold, and Idaho Russet) all tossed together with a Roasted Garlic – Gorgonzola Cream studded with mushrooms and bacon with the usual assemblage of sides including a nice salad, some good bread (Crumb Brother’s Bakery is the best but I’m not sure I can find it in Utah County), and a tasty dessert.

But since we are going last minute on this thing I’m going to have to go quick, delicious and old school.

So tonights menu will hopefully consist of Baked macaroni and cheese (to appease the kiddies), Carmelized onion pull apart bread, and a lovely gumbo. I’ll have to debate vegetable or chicken and sausage gumbo throughout the day. Maybe I’ll switch up the pull a part with a little cornbread. Obviously I still have no idea what I’m making tonight. But it will be tasty none-the-less I’m sure.


~ by Mel's Boy on Monday, 22 December 2008.

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