Why Do We Need Independence from a Weight-Obsessed World!

The Following post is from a note that my good friend Jane Ellsworth-Wedekind wrote.  I had the extreme blessing of working along side Jane and many others at the same Eating Disorder Treatment center and though I was only there a few short months the experience changed my life forever.  I hope we can all accept Jane’s challenge and reach out to someone who needs to have their divine heritage acknowledged.

Why Do We Need Independence from a Weight-Obsessed World!
by Jane Ellsworth-Wedekind
I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I had a visit from my friend Mary Ellen Claussen from Ophelia’s Place in Liverpool, NY, a nonprofit resource center for those struggling. Check out her website www.opheliasplace.org . This dear friend left me a copy of Andrea’s Voice a story about a girl who died from bulimia within months of beginning treatment. I haven’t read the story yet but just looking at the book this is what I observed.

Andrea, though beautiful, didn’t have a body type that even remotely resembles a barbie doll. When I perused through this striking young girl’s photos it became obvious very quickly that no amount of obsession with weight loss would allow her to look tall and thin with abs of steel, voluptuous “perfect” breasts, and the list goes on. BUT Andrea was gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. All I could think about last night after I skimmed through the book was…this IS why we have to break this obsession. A young girl is dead her family forever living with the grief for what? An unattainable image that had likely been imprinted on her mind from infancy and led her to an deadly obsession.

When I meet new people these days and tell them what brought me to Utah – the opportunity to work at an ED treatment center 9.9 out of 10 times I hear…oh, my ____________ struggles with that. One pharmacy tech in Nebraska opened up in seconds and told me a horrific story about her SON’S bulimia! I left the store numb because there was not one thing I could do for her. Least of all offer her ANY hope. It’s only a matter of time and this young man will very likely die too – the cause of death won’t be bulimia because no one knows he has it but his parents. It’ll most likely be listed as cardiac arrest.

So…breaking this obsession is a very real passion for me. Andrea was gifted beyond her years according to the books back cover – passionate and gifted. I have many friends who will never ever look like a barbie but they are deep, wonderful and amazing people.

My request of you this week is to find someone who looks different from the pictures on the magazine covers and take the time to affirm their person – are the kind? Tell, them that you really appreciate their kindness. Are they insightful? Patient? The list goes on… let them know. Make a deposit in their emotional bank account – they may not even know how to respond to you but do it anyway.

I am so thankful for you!

 Thank you, Jane. Your Christlike love and compassion is an example to us all.


~ by Mel's Boy on Monday, 8 June 2009.

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