Examining the Hearth or What Happens When Jesus Uses an Ovenmitt

In her book Between Two Fires: Intimate Writings on Life, Love, Food, and Flavor Laura Esquivel talks about the sanctity of the hearth and the lessons that can be shared with the next generation there. This is a sentiment that resonates with me. I feel as if I could be used to share something with others while standing at the hearth.

I have, yet again, become acutely aware of the Lord’s hand in my life not only at the hearth but away from it as well.    Often as I look back on my journey I see His hand at work.  I see many people He has brought into my life to challenge my doubts and my beliefs, questioned my choices, and bless me with opportunities to learn and grow.

At times I find myself somewhat estranged from my Father.  I drift away from the prayer life or I become greatly disillusioned about something that He has put in front of me or allowed me to stumble over.  But I am always aware of His presence and His guidance. 

Sometime after church services yesterday had completed my three-year old son got lost.  But the greatness of our God was never absent from me.  The Spirit told me that everything was fine and after searching the path home from church the Spirit told me to go back to the church, that he was still there and had never left.  Sure enough not thirty seconds after reentering the building there he was.

This is not an isolated incident for me and though it doesn’t happen as often as I imagine it does for many of my spiritual role models, like Louis Giglio, Louis Palo, or Thomas S. Monson. It does happen, He does show me the goodness of His grace time and time again.

 I must admit, however, that as I go through these “connected” days and as I meditate on His hand in my life I find myself slipping into fear.  Is it possible that He can have plans to use such a seemingly useless tool as an average-quality chef to bless the lives of others?  One thing that I know about this Divine Mentor of mine is that He likes to see me out of my comfort zone and there are times when I see a picture or hear a story about something that I would be uncomfortable doing and gently He whispers in my mind, “this too will come to you.”  So yes, maybe He does intend to use such a lowly tool as this or maybe He is just guiding me to a place where He will use someone greater than I to change and inspire me.  It would not be there first time.


~ by Mel's Boy on Monday, 15 June 2009.

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