About the Chef





Malik Hamilton, chef of the fyresyde kitchen, has 14 years of experience in the foodservice industry including a brief stint as a restaurant owner in Northern Utah. A graduate of Utah State University with a degree in Culinary Arts / Foodservice Management Malik was named 1999 Junior Member of the Year by the Beehive Chef’s Chapter of the American Culinary Federation and was also invited in 2004 to be a guest chef at the Officers and Faculty Club of United States Naval Academy. Chef Hamilton’s passion for food has become the conduit by which he feeds his passion of seeing the children of this nation succeed in life and in faith.



  • Chef Malik, The vegtarian from [our] Scottish buffet asked to make sure you were thanked for her meal. She said it exceeded all her expectations…She was sincerely happy with her meal. – Richard S., Maitre ‘D
  • The au gratin potatoes were the greatest I have ever had. Thank you, thank you!!! – Lynne H.
  • [The host] said that it was a perfect event and she had lots of compliments on the food, two of her guests even said that the food was ” on the edge ”  and ” daring ”  [in] the way the different foods tasted together and how the flavors went well with each other.
  • “Best Ever!”
  • “Man, that was delicious”
  • “So glad I came.”

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