About the Kitchen

I read once about a lady, I believe in New York, whose home had evolved into a makeshift restaurant. As I recall the story, which may now have morphed with my own dream, you had to make reservations or be invited well in advance and when you arrived you ate what was served. In fact it might even have been served family-style.

I hope that the Fyresyde Kitchen will one day be something similar. I envision great men and women of faith dining at my table sharing divine principles and delectable morsels with forty or so of “my closest friends.” one seating, one menu, one night, one God.

I also envision that this little venture would bring forth enough proceeds that I could use that abundance to be financial help to some of the children of this country who deserve a chance at a better life. The poor, the hungry, the abused, the lonely.

I want to touch lives and the talent that God has given me is that of cooking. I’m not a great chef nor do I expect to ever be. I do love to cook and I do love to make a difference. I pray that the Lord will bless this dream, will bless my efforts, and will be glorified by this project.

If you feel like this is something you’d like to support and see come to fruition. Please make a donation. We will start bootstrapping efforts starting in 2009 this fundraising effort is to raise money so that I can build a kitchen with a space large enough for diners and in compliance with local health regulations.

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