Trapping Sunbeams

The sun is a symbol of glory and brilliance. It signifies happiness and hope. Sunbeams signify the light of heaven and refreshing thoughts of power.

DAVID COOMBE, in his old English cobbler’s shop, said: “This is the darkest hole that ever I saw. Never a bit of sun comes to this place, summer or winter.” A vision came to the dozing cobbler, in angel form, saying: “I will tell you how to set a trap for a sunbeam. Bait it with Energy, Perseverance, Charity, Faith, Hope, and Contentment. Do this, David Coombe, and you will never say again that no sunbeam brightens your dwelling or gladdens your declining days.” The first step David took was to clean the dust and dirt of years from his cobbler’s shop, then the sunbeams came in, a whole family of them bright and pure; and they came to stay.

This simple narrative of the old cobbler can be a lesson to every one of you. If we wish to trap sunbeams, attract success and know how to give service, we must know how to use Energy, Perseverance, Love (Charity), Faith and Hope, and Contentment.

If you wish to trap sunbeams that bear fruit, do like the old cobbler: start immediately to shine and polish the windows of your mind. Clean out the cobwebs of fear, timidity, doubt and false imagination. Put the house in order by good, clean living, so that your body will respond to big ideas, and you will have the energy to put them through.

Trapping Sunbeams is a small out-of-print booklet written by Floyd Foster Barnes. I am currently in the process of editing the original tome for free distribution. If you are interested in receiving a copy of this uplifting book email your first name and email address to malikshamilton at yahoo dot com.


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