WHEN we find a person who has no faith, either in himself, in others, or in anything greater, we find a very negative individual. Faith is the hidden secret of success. It is Faith that emancipates the person; it is Faith that unfolds the unbounded greatness of the soul; it is Faith that removes the veil of mystery and reveals to man that wonderful world, that limitless world, that divinely beautiful world that is within. Faith has been the secret through which all miracles have been wrought.

Hope is the right hand of faith. One cannot have hope without faith nor can she possess faith without hope. Hope is a wonderful asset. Hope is reaching out for things unseen. Hope endures when all else seems to fall. Hope is the great spiritual faculty of man, and one who has hope places himself in harmony with a great law that helps to attract the good things of life. When one loses hope, one has lost all. That hope for the better is an ideal quality.


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