Volunteer Blogger’s Wanted

It is my desire that Fyresyde Kitchen be an inter-denominational ministry. It is my hope that it can be a gathering place for like-minded individuals of numerous Christian faiths who are willing to build relationships and share their faith with others.

Fyresyde will never be a place for proseltyzing, a place to question, critique, or attempt to shed doubt on another’s beliefs. It is a place to help others strengthen their walk with Jesus Christ, to help them strengthen their family relationships, and to find great food to share with all. Most importantly it is a place where they can help others – especially children whom without us may not have a chance to live a better life in this country that we call “The Land of Opportunity.”

So if you are a Christian writer/blogger and would like to volunteer to contribute to this effort. Please contact me at malikshamilton at yahoo dot com to discuss how you can become a contributor on Fyresyde Kitchen.


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